$108 million dollar subdivision in West Vancouver

This is definitely the most expensive property we have filmed so far! This lot is selling with other THREE lots which are: 2480 Wentworth Ave., 2505 Wentworth Ave and a lot with PID 024-796-841, Total 8.93 acres of land. Rare opportunity to acquire this spectacular developing site in west Vancouver. It is the last undeveloped residential property in West Vancouver with significant size. It has been rezoned to build 29 single family houses. Each house has an average lot over 11,000sf, and splendid ocean view. The location of the lot is above trans-canada Highway, 2 minutes walking distance to Collingwood School. 15 minutes drive to Downtown Vancouver and 10 minutes drive to Cypress skiing res

Capturing Interior Windows in Real Estate Photography

Photographing rooms with windows is probably one of the most challenging aspect of real estate photography. There is such a difference in exposure between the window and the room interior that it's impossible to expose for both. Now a day, the camera's dynamic range is pretty amazing;however, you still need to know a few tricks to get that perfect view. There are many different ways to handle this high dynamic range situation and there are a lot methods available and some are better than others . It all depends how you work and what works for you. The most popular options we came across are HDR, Flash, Window Pull, and Exposure Blending. a) HDR seems to be the fastest and easiest method in

Real Estate Photo Gallery//Recent Property in Vancouver West

We had the pleasure to work with Crystal Hung at Icon&Co. for a luxury house in Vancouver West. Thought we would share the gallery of our favorite interior photos. Let us know what you think. We love to focus our attention on the selling features of the house. #realestatephotosinvancouver #realestatephotographer #affordablerealestatephotography #professionalrealestatephotography #hometours #realestatevideo #realestateagencyvancouver #propertyphotography #architecturalphotography

Capturing the emotion and feeling of the space

For an interior photography project, you first need to think through what is the end goal of it? Each client and each image have different requirements and things to consider. For real estate photography that is used to sell a property, we like to capture the space as well as the feeling of the property. The photographs should make the viewer want to live in the space. Whenever appropriate, try to tell a story through your images, focus on interesting details that make this place special, use people to set the mood and atmosphere, and think through your process – even the smallest details matter! We understand that often the seller and the agent want to make the space look bigger;therefore,

Real Estate Photography// Light painting

We are real fans of Mike Kelley's Photography. If you haven't seen his work, you must visit his site, http://www.mpkelley.com/ . He also has many useful tutorials on photography. He photographs a lot of high end hotels, commercial spaces and interiors. He uses light painting for a lot of his photographs. Basically, highlighting various objects in the frame with light and taking multiples exposures of the same frame. The results are stunning. Here are a few of our own examples where we used light painting. Let us know what you think. #mikekelley #lightpainting #realestatephotography #realestatephotographyinvancouver #architecturalphotgoraphyvancouver #architecturalphotographer #interiorphotog

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