Video Trends in Real Estate Marketing

Realtors face many decisions when it comes to marketing their clients’ homes. Today, there are a number of marketing elements a realtor needs to choose from to use in their marketing. From our experience, some realtors see a lot of value in having a walk-through cinematic video for their listed property, while others are not sold on the value of video. Here we want to highlight some trends in real estate video which may perhaps also demonstrate some new ways that video can be the chosen method for marketing your listing. 1) What is the neighbourhood like? It’s not just the home that matters. Buyers are looking at what their neighbourhood will be like as well. While you may request your photo

What Is Light-Painting and Why Do We Do It?

We believe your listing needs to stand out. It needs to look bright, sharp, beautiful, in focus, with full depth of colors and visible textures. Even though we started out with HDR photography, we quickly moved away and on to better methods in striving to achieve the top quality in real estate photography in order to get the look that makes your listing shine. So let’s talk about light-painting for a bit to see if we can clarify what it is and why it’s worth the effort. Light-painting in real estate photography refers to using an off-camera flash to bring light and sharpness to various part of the photograph via multiple frames that later get combined in post-processing to form one beautiful

Architectural & Interior Design Trends in Real Estate that Sell

Trends are not accidental. Trends make us feel new, connected, inspired, alive, modern and relevant. We believe that the reason trends exist is because they reflect something that’s already on the back of our minds based on the times we live in, our current social concerns and objectives, and somehow trends in aesthetic fields like interior design and architecture seem to reflect those important thoughts that are already somewhere just below conscious awareness. That’s how we connect and ‘resonate’ with what we see and appreciate this unspoken communication of our thoughts into physical form. We thought it might be worthwhile to take a snapshot of the current trends and see if they resonate

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