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New trust-based marketing campaigns will skyrocket in 2018. Examples of trust based campaigns include:

Hyperlocal websites that provide everyday value to homeowners

Video and Written Interviews of local business owners and professionals

Neighborhood profile videos

Video showing customer testimonials

An e-book covering everything a home buyer needs to know about your neighborhood.

Blog posts about the real estate market and industry trends.

All of these marketing campaigns are quite different from what an average real estate professional spends their time on. Therefore, you should spend your marketing dollars on these kinds of advertising.

In any online sales environment, the new standard is for customer service to be immediate and intelligent. It’s especially true for real estate, where buyers expect that the person who follows up on their inquiry not only do it in a timely manner, but also to have some knowledge about the listing. In 1990, it may have been okay for your real estate agent to take a day or two to get back to customers; in 2018, that won’t fly! Our team has a three minute average response time to online inquiries coming from major real estate portals. It is no longer good enough to send out an autoresponder text or email, these are live and intelligent responses. Real estate agents are turning to live 24/7 support systems that provide instant response to buyer leads, typically by text. These live operators are either trained professionals or in some cases a smart AI chatbot texting you. Either way these instant intelligent and capable response systems are essential. Be sure to ask your real estate agent what their strategy is to respond to online leads on your home.
Most of the web traffic for your home is coming from major real estate portals like Zillow,, Trulia,, Redfin, etc. What many home sellers do not know is that some of these major portals allow real estate agents to pay extra for more exposure for your home. This featuring can lead to more online views, which can lead to more visitors, which can lead to more offers on your home.
Buyers can go in and out of rooms, look up at the ceiling and down at the flooring, and get an overall “feel” for the home without leaving their office or living room. Luxury home buyers are usually short on time so they are less likely to go in person to tour dozens of homes. Instead, they are using 3D tours, or at least video tour walkthroughs, to narrow their selection and tour just a handful of homes with their buyers’ agent.
This sales tool goes beyond aerial photography to show the exterior and grounds of luxury homes. It’s a view buyers can’t get even while physically at the home. Imagine what it could do for your luxury home listing!
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