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Real Estate Marketing: Presenting property photos/video to your clients

In this post we decided to chat about what happens after we deliver photos/video for a luxury shoot to our agents? As a real estate agent you spend a lot of time and money to ensure the property looks its best before it is listed. You built a network of professionals around you that help you deliver the quality of service you promise to your clients. Staging, photography, cinematography, landscaping, matter-ports, printing etc..

As the photographers/cinematographers, we typical get to see the property when it is all ready and our job is to capture the property and tell its story. So the question is, who sees the final photographs and how are they being presented to the sellers/buyers. Does the agent set up a meeting with their clients to show the photographs/video? Does the agent send a Dropbox link with the assets? or do they simply get uploaded on MLS? Feel free to share your approach with us.

We think first impressions are super important! So if u don't already do so, why not use a stand alone website to visually present the property to the sellers and buyers? And, that's exactly what we offer to our agents.

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