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Why First Impressions Matter

Everyone knows the golden rule - first impressions matter. And what's even more interesting, the time it takes to form a first impression has been getting shorter and shorter as new research comes out. Currently, it's at 7 seconds, and that's not even nearly enough time for any sensory processing other than visual. Having said this, we think it's critical to have a stunning visual representation of whatever it is you'd like to impress with. For us, it's impressing you with our work and how beautifully we capture the essence of the homes. For you, as a real estate agent, it's the ability to impress a potential buyer. For your buyer, a beautifully represented property with stunning photography and video might be the selling point to get their decision-making partner on-board about buying this home, and may lead them to form that initial emotional connection, that intuitive bond with the property. These gut feelings are so vital to closing the sale, and while often unconscious, they are generally formed with first impressions. It is that first feeling of connection to the property that creates the thoughts that this could be their home (or not), and these feelings will stay. Buying a home can be like marriage, and every marriage started with a first impression. We recommend taking the time to think about how to form that first impression, and whether it's worth the extra time, cost and resources to you to ensure it's a fantastic one. May your clients say to you "I knew this was the one the moment I saw it" about the next home they buy from you.

Cheers to buying and selling homes, and to first impressions that make that possible

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