Reasons to Live (and Buy) in Vancouver

We’ve heard rumours (and you might have too) that Vancouver is a great place to live. Since we live here, it’s sometimes hard to notice what is all this greatness that makes this place a lifestyle gem, so to remind ourselves (and to inform you) of what it is we love Vancouver for, we’ve come up with a list of top reasons to live and buy in Vancouver. Take a look and let us know in the comments below your thoughts and whether you have your own special reasons that make Vancouver a fantastic place to live.

  1. Nature meets City

Not everyone is a nature lover. But, when you step off the plane and take your first breath of fresh British Columbian air, you’ll reconsider. Nature is not only a magnet for activists, sports junkies and hippies (which do favor Vancouver), but it is the core element of the fresh, tasty, breezy, cleansing air you breathe every day. We have to admit we take it for granted and forget how lucky we are, but boy oh boy what a good reminder it is when you travel and come back home to feel the difference.

2) Coffee shops galore

It’s no secret that hipster(ism) became more of a mainstream now (despite its original intent). And there are reasons it’s so popular -- it’s cool, stylish, fancy and intelligent. It’s an attractive lifestyle that knows good coffee, sneakers, glasses, tech trends, and top nooks around the city. No better place to come be a hipster to the max than here in Vancouver. Chill vibes, rich nutty coffee, creative people… all in one place. Vancouver is notorious (in a good way) for all these things, and here’s a good list of coffee shops to call home:

3) Seawall

Vancouver wouldn’t be Vancouver without its magnificent 28 km seawall that wraps around the heart of the city and includes Stanley Park, beaches, False Creek, and Canada Place. Officially called Seaside Greenway, it is a path that you can enjoy with friends or alone, cycling or walking, running or rollerblading, sitting on benches taking in the view or as part of your daily commute to work. It’s really quite the spot to be on warm sunny days and is perfect for socializing or people-watching alone time.

4) Beautiful homes

We didn’t make this post for no reason -- Vancouver offers wonderful homes, luxury condos, stunning architectural modern houses, and craftsman residences. Our housing market and property evaluations have been consistently on the uprise and with lots of beautiful properties listed (just check out this article where 10 out of 12 top property listings in Canada are from Vancouver) -- how does a buyer choose? Lots of choice brings lots of eyes and no wonder -- there’s plenty of lovely properties to view and consider. To make your property stand out from the crowd in this busy market, we can help -- just ask.

5) Ocean fun

Situated on the Pacific ocean shore, Vancouver offers you all kinds of fun you can (and can’t) imagine… Whale watching? Sure. Paddle-boarding while whales are watching you? No problem! The joy of ocean can be as accessible as your own back yard -- we’re that close. If resources allow, Vancouver is the perfect city to own a sailboat and cruise along its salty waters at sunsets, during Festival of Lights every summer to watch the fireworks or for weekend trips to the surrounding islands.

6) Mountain fun

Skiing, snowboarding, hiking, climbing, jogging, enjoying Christmas lights, reindeers and Santa, watching lumberjack shows, and wildlife...phew. We got tired just listing these! All of these activities are possible within 5-30 minute drive. It’s really hard to be bored when all of this is available at your fingertips. Just don’t forget to get out there and do these things once you live here (cough cough.. We’re guilty).

All in all, we’re happy Vancouverites and there are good reasons for it. We don’t hoard our happiness -- please come and enjoy everything Vancouver has to offer, we welcome new faces. Go ahead, make Vancouver your home. You won’t regret it!

P.S. Know someone considering moving here? Have potential buyers that are on the fence? Share this blog post with them to let the truth be known about great things in life such as living in Vancouver. It’s good karma points ;)

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