Architectural & Interior Design Trends in Real Estate that Sell

Trends are not accidental. Trends make us feel new, connected, inspired, alive, modern and relevant. We believe that the reason trends exist is because they reflect something that’s already on the back of our minds based on the times we live in, our current social concerns and objectives, and somehow trends in aesthetic fields like interior design and architecture seem to reflect those important thoughts that are already somewhere just below conscious awareness. That’s how we connect and ‘resonate’ with what we see and appreciate this unspoken communication of our thoughts into physical form.

We thought it might be worthwhile to take a snapshot of the current trends and see if they resonate with you, and if they are worth implementing in the homes you buy and sell, whether its design, architecture, or staging. In hard to define but obvious ways, aesthetic trends, when intelligently implemented, can enhance the look and feel of the home increasing it’s value, whether perceived or actual. Here are some trends to know about that we hand-picked for you:

1.) A-frame homes are making a comeback

Image by: InFrame Team

Who would have thought that these shapes from the past would find a new appeal to humans of 2018? While symmetrical and traditional, like all favourite things (take fashion for example), this trend is making a comeback with new modern twists on it -- glass/window walls, interesting lighting, skylights, and more.

2) 3D-printed interior design



While 3D-printing is in its development and refinement stage, it is no surprise it has entered the realm of interior design, and not in a small way: “Architecture firm DUS has a vast expertise in architectural 3D printing, and is now applying its expertise to interiors and retail spaces.” (from: and it looks fresh and stunning. We are excited to be following the development of complexity in this trend and are certain it will unravel in exciting ways in the coming months and years.

3) Japanese influence

Architecture and interiors are infused with transparency, air and light, manifesting in exquisite simplicity, elegance and minimalism true to traditional japanese designs. Its soothing and calming effect are a refreshing and much needed juxtaposition to the busy, chaotic, and often cluttered city and work life that many of us leave our energy at. Newly built homes on the higher end/luxury side of the spectrum flaunt japanese elements to evoke this tranquility and peacefulness that most of the potential buyers seek to experience as a refuge from their demanding careers.

4) Implied spaces/flex rooms

We (and probably you) like spaces we can play with. Spaces that can turn from a child’s corner into your grown-up home office, or art & craft room, or meditation altar. The space to express your individuality without predefined room roles is refreshing and inspiring. Look for homes that have these flex spaces and make sure to inspire prospective buyers with the possibilities they will have to turn the space into what is unique to them in this moment.

5) Geometric accents in furniture & decor

Geometric details such as a coffee table supported by metal wire structure resembling crystal, diamond and granite shapes yet hollow inside gives the home a modern, fresh, sophisticated but understated ambience. Shapes that look interesting from all angles and let light through by being hollow inside and are easy to move and transport for being light-weight have an appeal to the touch and to the eye. They are relaxing while also being intellectually stimulating as the geometry inspires creative and logical thinking. Metal elements can be gold, silver, chrome, bronze or black, all of which fit nicely into any contemporary home. We are seeing these trendy accents in homes of all sizes, from tiny condos to large luxury homes. It’s popular because it attracts buyers, so don’t miss your chance to attract eyes to your listing with the simple introduction of trendy shapes and textures. Plus they photograph beautifully.

Whatever the trend, introducing it in subtle or stronger ways can be beneficial for attracting buyers and increasing the speed with which the home is sold. What are some ways you can use these trends in your business?

To your success,

InFrame Team

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