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Video Trends in Real Estate Marketing

Realtors face many decisions when it comes to marketing their clients’ homes. Today, there are a number of marketing elements a realtor needs to choose from to use in their marketing. From our experience, some realtors see a lot of value in having a walk-through cinematic video for their listed property, while others are not sold on the value of video. Here we want to highlight some trends in real estate video which may perhaps also demonstrate some new ways that video can be the chosen method for marketing your listing.

1) What is the neighbourhood like?

It’s not just the home that matters. Buyers are looking at what their neighbourhood will be like as well. While you may request your photographer to take some photos of the neighbourhood and that would be a great idea, there is no doubt that a video walkthrough would do a fantastic job at conveying the feeling and uniqueness of the neighbourhood. It’s like being there and walking around yourself, without having to be there. Your buyer audience will love it & find it a valuable tool in their decision-making to move forward with you and the listing.

2) Realtor’s “About Me” video

Buyers these days want to know as much as they can without leaving their homes first. Time is expensive, and meeting face to face is costly. The more information a realtor can provide about themselves to potential clients, the more trust there will be for the buyers to work with the realtor. Therefore, this trend is on the rise currently as it provides a glimpse into the realtor’s personality and work style and allows the buyer to know first hand if they resonate & click with this specific individual.

3) Video testimonials

In this saturated market where every 5th person you meet may be a realtor, it’s hard to know who to choose. In addition to the “about me” video trend above, another highly valuable use for video is to have the realtor’s clients share their honest opinion about working with them. People use other people’s opinions in most important decisions they make. Help them find what they need to make the decision to work with you or not by providing testimonials video on your website.

4) Listing video

This one is a no-brainer. Make your buyers feel as if they are walking through the gorgeous property with cinematic effects and movement that shows the feeling and multiple angles of the place at the same time. We specialize in this type of video and have perfected the special skills and attention to detail that a stunning property video requires. You can find various examples of cinematic listing video on our site.

5) Tell a Story

We all know by now how important stories are. This applies to everything as it’s just the way our human brain works. We catch stories and pay attention to them. Have a beginning, a middle and an end to your video that follows an engaging story-line. Don’t know what your story should be? We can help with that too as it’s an inseparable step of film-making that we go through each time we make a film, no matter the length.

6) Have a CTA (Call to action)

This one applies to the testimonial & “about me” videos the most. It’s nice to watch a nice video, but it’s also important to lead the viewer into the next proposed action. This relates to ‘moving the lead through the funnel’, and is a necessary step in converting the visitor of your site into a client. Our listing videos have a subtle CTA at the end as well, such as the realtor's name and contact details. It speaks "loved the property? You can contact the realtor here." And it works, just watch!

To your success,

InFrame Team

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