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Lifestyle films are one of our favorite pieces to make. Video home tours are a great way to show the property but lifestyle films always speak from the heart. Collins Residence is all about the lifestyle it offers. It's about building a life in a place that you are proud to call home.

What do we want most out of this life? Where will we find our place? ...and who will be by our side when we get there? Life’s journey is about listening to what the heart wants. It’s about taking chances, about winding roads…and it’s the unexpected twists and turns along the way that take us to places we thought we could only dream of. Life is about the little things...It’s about being with the ones we love. It’s about putting down roots...Taking comfort in our surroundings and creating a space to call our own. Life’s journey is about meeting friendly new neighbours. It’s about enjoying good company. Life is watching the seasons come and go. It’s about bumpy rides... and even greener pastures. It’s full of cozy mornings and sometimes sleep-less nights. Life gives us busy afternoons… and it’s often the most hectic days... That allow us to find the simple joy of just ‘staying in’. Life is about those tiny, quiet moments... And it’s through the stillness that we’re reminded of what’s most precious. Life is about letting go of what others told us it ‘should be’ and instead embracing the beauty of ‘what is’. Life is about seeking out new surroundings, while still making it ‘feel like us’. Because the things that matter for better or worse are found in the everyday at home.

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