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The 10 Best Real Estate Listing Lifestyle Films of 2019

In recent years, “storytelling” has become a buzzword in marketing. Stories are an integral part of our society and culture. You will find stories are everywhere – movies, books, news, media, music,etc. But did you know that this isn’t a new concept, and is as old as humanity? Our decisions are influenced by emotions. We connect with stories emotionally and this is why we love property lifestyle films.

We are so excited to see more and more agents using video as an essential part of their marketing. Real estate marketing videos help sell your home, attract new clients, showcase your area, and market your services. We get requests asking us to create a fast-cut, trendy video for a property and our first thought is what is the purpose behind creating this video and will it connect with your audience. When you think of Hollywood films, every shot, every scene is there for a reason and that reason is to tell a story. This goes back to our initial point creating an emotional connection with the audience because our decisions are influenced by emotions. People remember stories.

Just like with anything in marketing, know your target audience, your purpose and the end result you are after.

To spark some ideas, we have compiled some of our favorite luxury property lifestyle films with memorable stories.

1. For those that are really after some attention, check out this film created by Smith Group Films.

3. This film speaks for itself. An absolutely stunning production by RUHM.

4. Creative Real Estate Home Tour by RUHM.

5. Luxury Ranch Video Tour executed by Video Sells Real Estate

6. Here is another great film from Smith Group Films that many can relate to.

7. Stonehouse Property Property Experience

8. Los Angeles Lifestyle Film

10 . Rafiki Creative - Stradella

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